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Have you ever thought you had "that great idea" (usually at 3am)...but then had no idea how to turn the idea into a business? Or ever wondered how some people seem to turn EVERY idea into gold?

HeatherFurby_headshotYep. Me too... And then I figured out exactly HOW to turn passion into profit...without sacrificing the life I want to lead. That's not to say I didn't learn sacrifice stuff, I just had to learn how to differentiate what was really important to leading me where I needed to go, and what was stuff that I thought was important...but turned out to be fluff. In short, I had to learn to leave the box of thinking that I was used to.

I love working with leaders everywhere to not just think outside the box, but banish the box. I bring you over 20 years of entrepreneurial mindset, coaching and expertise in business development with unique tools for embodiment, self awareness and inspiring people to get the job done.

Primarily, I help women learn to navigate the special needs of todays start up world so they can create solid companies in the technology industry while being the leader they set out to be - oh, and pay themselves, too!

My mission is to create a world where differences are met with curiosity and respect so that successful leadership means not only more productivity and profits, but is done so with open and authentic communication that breaks through current barriers. I strive to change the conversation of women in business from "Why are there not more women in...?" to "HOW can I help more women succeed because it's damn good for the economy, a healthy business and innovation?"

The result is a new culture of bold innovation. Being an effective leader in this Creative Age is just a few steps away. I can show you how to master the communication skills to accelerate profits and increase team productivity.

Speaking Engagements

I am available for keynote presentations, workshops and seminars. I can fit in to a variety of settings and topics, but the sweet spot is inspiring groups of Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs to fully step into leadership to feel empowered at all phases of business - from cocktail napkin idea through sales, funding and IPO.

My talks help those who are great at what they do (have competence) become exceptional industry leaders (gain confidence). When leaders are faced with the need for continuous growth, cutting-edge innovation and market results it's easy to get overwhelmed, step off-center or feel out of integrity. I help bring you back "home".

Becoming the person it takes to be an industry leader is not taught in schools, or online, or in pithy social media quotes.

Mastering leadership takes courage, practice and the desire to change the world. I take the audience from inspiration to action and impact.

Sample Topics:

Culture is More than a Ping-Pong Table: The Keys to Creating an Innovative Culture for All Genders and Generations

Put Down the Remote Control: How to Lead Highly Productive Virtual Teams That Make an Impact

What’s Not Being Said is Killing Your Company: Managing the Soft Stuff can be Harder than You Think

Leading outside the Comfort Zone: 4 Strategies that lead to making a greater impact

Move from SELF-Funded to SELL-Funded: Strategies to master the only skill necessary for success

Take-aways and Teachings:

  • Shake up thinking to become a role model for open and effective business communication

  • Learn to inspire bold innovation in yourself and your team.

  • Increase your ability to influence others and drive strategy

  • Learn to challenge limiting beliefs and attitudes that promote ineffective behaviors (e.g. obliterate barriers to “not my department” thinking).

  • Permanently STOP the roller coaster of motivation and find balanced energy and sustainable success so you feel empowered (in power) at every moment.

Watch some videos to get a first-hand view:

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Click below to learn more about the upcoming Camp Cause and Success (Camp CAS).

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with Heather Furby

Cause and Success

Get out of overwhelm and get into business.

Cause and Success is a program for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business leaders who want to be free of any limitation in business growth. You will learn how to master the special needs of today's teams, including the mindset of influencing people and the tactical skills to manage your business so that you can get the results you want with grace and ease.

Programs include Self-To-Sell Funded for Freelancers and Small Business Owners and Napkins To Numbers for Entrepreneurs and Start Ups.

Camp Cause and Success (Camp CAS)

Where Business Accelerator Meets the Archery Range.
3 1/2 days in the mountains. No Cell Phones. No Hashtags. No Worries.

Camp Cause and Success (Camp CAS) is THE leadership summit for entrepreneurs, start-ups and business leaders who are looking for their network of peers. This is an UN-conference where you'll have a chance to focus on you and your business leadership. It's where you can take all the personal power you already have and use it to challenge yourself to breakthrough to the next level of your success.

Among the campers you'll find experts in various business topics who will step up to lead business discussions, personal growth and out-of-the-box activities.

Camp CAS happens twice a year - in the Fall for ALL movers, shakers and business rule breakers and in the Spring for Women Leaders where we take a closer look at the issues that currently face women in business.

Redefine My Normal Business Consulting

Fly out front. Redefine My Normal Business Consulting takes you to the next level in leadership, communications and running a business. Break the rules and do it your way as you build a rock star team that can overcome any obstacle. You're not alone, but it's up to you. Work with us, and you'll get there faster.

Contact me today at (707) 566-0503, and we'll get started!

by Heather Furby

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